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Medications are arguably the single most important health care technology to prevent illness, disability, and death in the older population. Of all age groups, older persons with chronic diseases and conditions benefit the most from taking medications, and risk the most from failing to take them properly.

Anderson Health System makes managing medication adherence simple by providing an automatic reminder when it is time to take one or multiple medications. Anderson Health System captures the action of dispensing the medication from the standard pharmacy vial and shares the time stamp with the care provider.

The Anderson Health System Medication Adherence Reminder is designed to immediately transmit every time a pill is dispensed from the pharmacy vial, using the latest Bluetooth Health Device Protocol to a HIPAA secure health cloud, which analyzes the time stamp based on the contingency architecture approved by the patients healthcare provider.

If non-adherence of one or multiple medications is recognized during the analytic review, Anderson Health System will automatically generate a notification for any person or persons, which have been authorized by the patient to receive alerts. The alerts can be predefined by each care provider to be delivered via IVR, Text, Email or a combination.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 Stationary or Travel Case Pill Dispenser Product dimension(CM): 25*15*10;
  • Product weight(GW): 250g
  • Standard pharmacy vial size for pill storage
  • Secure top allows ease of travel
  • LED Auto function enables ease of use