RPM Equipment & Price

Remote Patient Monitoring gain traction in 2019 after the new CPT Codes were released and the enthusiasm continues in 2020. It is estimated that 30% of the physicians are now participating in RPM. Anderson Health specializes in  the RPM equipment supply and support. Our connected products are priced the lowest in the industry and is also available for online purchasing at Walmart or Amazon. The Anderson product line has a full range on connectivity that includes Cellular, Wifi & Bluetooth. Depending on the needs and capability of the user will determine the type of equipment that should be supplied.


Anderson Health offers a HIPAA compliant web based contingency architecture available on a secure platform and by permission basis…


Anderson Health engineers can design a product to meet your companies criteria and mass-produce the product. Our manufacturing capabilities are currently in China but expect to be able to utilize the Philippines in the future.

White Label

Enjoy the benefit of owning your own brand name at no additional charge for the product. Small set-up fee for box cost and a small minimum volume required.


Anderson Health offers a pain-free rapid delivery service to your, customers/patients. Depending on the location of the customer the product will be shipped via Post Office, UPS, or through Prime. Our main warehouse is located in Florida but we may ship through Wal-mart or Amazon.


Anderson Health developed their distribution center for companies whom want to build a brand name product without the financial commitment traditionally needed to do so.


Every product that Anderson Health offers was designed for telehealth. Glucose Measurement, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Weight, Oxygen, Heart Beat and Exercise can be affordably tracked and documented from the patients home.

Call Center

Anderson Health trained personal will make a welcome call to your patient/customer and confirm that they received the product and that they are familiar with how to use the item. The call center will monitor the new user to confirm that they are testing as prescribed by the doctor. The call center goal is politely to persuade the patient/customer to test as prescribed and to focus on getting them engaged in their health and keeping them engaged.

About Us

Anderson Health specializes in building your business. Every protocol that created has our customers’ needs ahead of our own. Your product suggestions, software needs or distribution needs will be implemented if possible. We’re here to support you. Let us know what you want or how we can help.